Transforming Data (Digitizing, Transcribing, Translating)

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Digitizing Documents (optional)

  1. If your work is heavily based on documentary evidence and you anticipate taking a lot of digital pictures of documents, and you are not familiar with the steps above, carry them out for a set of five documents:
    • Take a digital picture of each.
    • Assemble them into a single PDF.
    • Familiarize yourself with two OCR tools by using them to turn a scanned image file into machine-readable text.
    • If the steps in either process were unintuitive or easily forgotten, make yourself a quick “cheat sheet” outlining the steps so you are not starting from square one the next time.
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    1. Rather than a solution, we offer some questions for you to think about. What did you learn about the software you used? What did you name your “cheat sheet” – is that a good name? Where did you put it and why? Will you be able to find it again?