Documenting Data in Practice

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Comparing Documentation / Metadata

  1. Compare these data on figshare with these data on QDR. What are some of the differences in terms of the quantity and the quality of documentation? Which data do you feel like you have a better feel for – and will be better able to interpret – even before looking at the data? What is it about the metadata and documentation that helps you most?
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    1. You likely noticed that the QDR project includes more detailed information about the content and generation of the data and more detailed metadata. Here are some ways that the more detailed documentation attending the QDR project can help you better understand (and more easily use) the data:
      • You can tell when the data were collected and where.
      • You can follow the logic of the social media excerpts Clarke has collected. On the other hand, can you follow the meaning of the “Subject” codes in the first column of the Patel et al. data?
      • You can better decide on whether and how much to trust the data.