Transforming Data (Digitizing, Transcribing, Translating)

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Translating Sources (optional)

  1. If you have transcripts in a language different from the one in which you will write your research products, translate a brief tranche of one transcript into the language in which you will write your research product. (If you have not yet created transcripts, translate a small tranche of, say, an article related to your research topic that is in the language in which you plan to conduct your interactive data collection.) Record your observations / reactions:
    • How long did it take you?
    • What were the biggest challenges?
    • If you were to use software to help you translate, what functionality do you now see it will need to have?
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    1. This exercise is designed to give you a sense of the translation process; to help you decide whether translating the transcripts of the recordings of your interactive data collection is something you would like to do; and to help direct your technology choices. Think carefully about your answers to the questions, reminding yourself of approximately how many transcripts, and how much of those transcripts you might need to translate.